Public Defender

Appointment of Ron Lewis as Public Defender of McLean County

Due to a vacancy in the office of the McLean County Public Defender, the judges of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit hereby appoint Ron Lewis, a properly qualified person, to serve as McLean County Public Defender.

It is ordered that Ron Lewis is hereby appointed as Public Defender of McLean County effective April 12, 2021.


The Office of the Public Defender provides attorneys to indigent clients in the courts of McLean County as mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the Illinois Constitution, and Illinois law.

Providing Representation for the Accused

Representation by the public defender begins only after the accused person requests the appointment of counsel and the person provides proof of indigence to a court screening officer.

The court then, by written order, directs the public defender to represent the indigent person. The public defender is also charged, when appointed, with the representation of any indigent party in juvenile proceedings and some mental health proceedings.