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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Open Bids & RFPs

Request for Proposal for Professional Services for Medicare Rehabilitation Program for the McLean County Nursing Home

Request for Proposal for McLean County Juvenile Detention Center/Government Center Roof Replacement

Request for Proposal for McLean County Health Department Carpet

Request for Proposal for McLean County Animal Control and Comlara Park Facilities Alarm System

Request for Proposal for County Board Audio/Visual Equipment Installation and Sefvices

Proposals for Mental Health Services for Inmates of the McLean County Detention Facility

  • We have been asked for clarification of #4 in the Submittal Requirements.  This is a request for the names of business clients for whom you have provided services.


  • Question:  Please confirm that pages 5-7 of McLean County's RFP for Mental Health Services for Inmates of McLean County Detention Facility are intentionally left blank.
    • Answer:  Pages 5-7 of McLean County's RFP for Mental Health Services for Inmates of the McLean County Detention Facility are intentionally left blank. 
  • Question:  Can we schedule a tour of the medical facility and all areas the mental health staff will be working as well as meet with jail administration or their delegate?
    • Answer:  We have arranged a tour of the facility will make key jail staff available to answer questions.  The tour will begin at 2:00 pm on Tuesday November 17, 2015.  We will gather in the Sheriff's Training room which is accessed through the lobby of the Law and Justice Center.  This will be the only opportunity for interested parties to tour the facility.


  • Question: As stated in the RFP, all services to be provided will be at a weekly maximum of 20 hours per week.  Is there a particular schedule that the Detention would prefer and works best within their needs?
    • Answer:  We anticipate working with the successful proposer to establish a schedule.  Generally speaking, we expect services to be provided during the regular work week and day when jail staff are available to confer with the provider.


  • Question: In the RFP, under the subtitle of SUBMITAL REQUIREMENTS, #4 is asking for a list of at least two (2) clients with contact information who may be contacted for references, shall be included.  Based on the Mental Health Confidentiality Act and after consulting with our Corporate Attorney, would it be allowable if our application was formally considered that then we would supply to the evaluation team first names and phone numbers for reference checks.
    • Answer:  The references requested are for other organizations/businesses with which you have contracted to provide counseling services.  We do not expect you to provide names of your individual clients.


  • Question:  Is the Facility NCCHC certified?
    • Answer:  Yes


  • Question:  Is there a particular concern regarding current service that precipitated issuance of this RFP?
    • Answer:  No


  • Question:  When would the County like service to begin?
    • Answer:  Our current contract expires December 31, 2015 and we would like service to begin on January 1, 2016.


Request for Qualification for Professional Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Management Services for a Major Jail Expansion Project