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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Over Weight / Over Dimension Permits
Road Restrictions
All roads in McLean County, whether it is a County Highway (CH) or a Township Road, are posted year round. 

03/23/2017 - McLean County will begin the process of lifting the Spring Postings and returning to the Summer Weight Restrictions. 

**Please be sure to check with all Township Highway Road Commissioners before traveling on any of their roads.**
  • Any vehicle that is one or more of the following needs to have a permit in the vehicle allowing the move.
    • Over the Posted Weight Limit
    • Over 8'6" in Width
    • Over 65' in Length
    • Over 13'6" in Height  

There are two (2) posting periods. 

  • The Summer Weight Restriction period runs from April 15th of the current year through January 15th of the following year. 
  • The Spring Posting period runs from January 15th through April 15th of the current year. 
    • We may issue a permit to run the roads during this period depending on the weather at the time of a request. There is generally a fee for this permit.  Please see Permitting Status for the latest updates during this period.  
Click here to view: Road and Bridge Weight Limits Map

Request a Permit
To request a permit to run on County Highways, please contact Rhonda Donovan at (309) 663-9445.

Please note: No permits will be granted on any road for a load that is a divisible load (i.e. gravel, cement, seed, etc) higher than the normal summer weight limit.

Additional Township Road Permits
If you need a permit to run on a Township Road, you will need to contact the Road Commissioner of that Township.