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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Road Closures / Construction
Be Alert

Please be aware of crews working on all roads in all areas - SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER & take extra caution when traveling in & around these areas.  Remember, if you cannot see the outside mirrors on the vehicle in front of you - they cannot see you! 

Road Closing Notice(s)

04/11/2018 - In Downs Township, 400 North Rd, between 2225 & 2350 East Rds, will be closed to through traffic starting Monday, April 16th, through Friday, June 29th, weather permitting, for replacement of the Wade Bridge.

06/08/2018 - Holder Ellsworth Rd, which is also CH 28 or 1200 North Rd, between 2800 East Rd & the Ellsworth Rd, which is also CH 17 or 2850 East Rd, will be closed to through traffic starting Monday, June 11th, through Friday, June 29th, weather permitting, for culvert replacement in this area. 

06/12/2018 - TPW Railroad has informed us that they will be starting a project to replace the railroad ties in the rail line that runs from El Paso to Chenoa on June 26th.  Each closing will last approximately 3 to 4 days & likely need to be adjusted due to weather & material availability.  The following schedule will be updated as it becomes available.


                    CR 2600 East                                             June 26th
                    Walnut Sidewalk, El Paso                         June 27th
                    Sycamore Sidewalk, El Paso                     June 27th
                    Lumber Walk Crossing, El Paso                June 27th
                    El Paso Walking Trail, El Paso                  June 27th

         McLEAN COUNTY

                   Gridley Township
                             1500 East Rd                                     June 27th
                             1600 East Rd                                     June 28th
                             1800 East Rd                                     June 28th
                             Western Ave, Gridley                       June 29th
                             Woodford St & Sidewalk, Gridley   June 29th
                             Markey St, Gridley                           June 29th
                             N Ford St (CH 67), Gridley              June 30th
                             2180 East Rd                                     June 30th
                             2280 East Rd                                     June 30th

                   Chenoa Township
                             2480 East Rd                                   July 01st

Road Construction Notices(s)

05/11/2018 - Road Construction will begin Friday, 05/11th, on the Colfax Rd, which is also CH 13 or 1900 North Rd & continue on Harrison St, which is also CH 13 or 3400 East Rd, between the Colfax Rd, which is also CH 15 or 3300 East Rd, and IL State Rte 165 or 2000 North Rd.  Some of the construction work will consist of Road Resurfacing & Sidewalk Ramp Improvements.  The road will remain open, but to ensure the safety of the workers, there may be temporary lane closings and/or shifts during this time.  Please expect delays.  Weather permitting, construction will be completed by Saturday, 06/30th.

Click map to view an interactive map of current Road Closures and Construction Areas.

McLean County Road Closures Applications

Road Maintenance Notice(s)

Bridge Closure Notice(s)

Public Announcement

05/01/2017 - Bridge Posting - In Empire Township, Structure #057-4405, also known as Bremer Bridge, on Township 2850 East Rd, just north of 600 North Rd, now has a "Load Rating" imposed by IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation).

                                       SINGLE UNIT VEHICLES - 22 Tons

                                       COMBINATIONS 3 OR 4 AXLES - 29 Tons

                                       COMBINATIONS 5 OR MORE AXLES - 36 Tons

10/06/2017 - BRIDGE POSTING - In Dale Township, Structure #057-3901, also known as Kings Mill Bridge, on Township 750 East Rd, just north of 1200 North Rd, now has a "Load Rating" imposed by IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation).  

                                         SINGLE UNIT VEHICLES - 27 Tons

                                         COMBINATIONS 3 OR 4 AXLES - 40 Tons

                                         COMBINATIONS 5 OR MORE AXLES - 40 Tons

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions regarding the above notices, please call us at (309) 663-9445 during normal business hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm.
Road Conditions

Additional Details

Resources from the City of Bloomington:

Resource from the Town of Normal:

Resources from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) include:

Over and Underpasses, along with Bridges and Culverts, tend to freeze before the roadways.  Please take extra caution when traveling near these areas.  It is not advised to pass snowplows, which are trying to clear and/or salt the roads to help make your travels safer.