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McLean County:
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Bloomington, IL 61701
Additional Documents and Audio
ZA-16-01 Signed Findings and Proposed Ordinance Nov. 7, 2016

ZA-16-01 Signed Findings

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01 
Information Submitted at ZBA Public Hearing on November 1, 2016

Nov. 1, 2016 audio 

Documents Related to Rebuttal Testimony in Order of Appearance:
Wind Text 1 (State Will Not Study Health Risks Associated with Wind Turbines) (Blazer)

Wind Text 2 (County Assessor Reports Spike in Home and Property Values Near Calhan Wind Farm) (Blazer)
Wind Text 3 (MaRous & Company/Invenergy LLC) (Blazer)

Wind Text 4 (Photo and Map) (Blazer)

Wind Text 5 (Low-frequency Noise Incl. Infrasound from Wind Turbines and Other Sources) (Blazer)

Wind Text (WTG Setback Standards Analysis) (Pnazek)

Documents Related to Closing Statements:

Wind Ordinance Text Amendment Suggested Revisions Power Point (Glennon)
Wind Text by Michael Glennon

Wind Text by William Rau

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01 
Information Submitted at ZBA Public Hearing on October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016 audio.

Transcript for 10-4-16 ZA-16-01

Transcript for 11-1-16 ZA-16-01


Mclean County Farm Bureau

Withdrawal of ZA-16-01 Proposed WECS Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Objection Ex. #1: Ordinance No 848 (Capperella)

Objection Ex #2: Comments on Wildlife (Capperella)

Objection Ex. #3:  Wind Ordinance Text Amendment Suggested Revisions Power Point (Glennon)

Objection Ex. #4:  Schomer Affidavit Regarding Noise Level Criterion (Glennon)

Objection Ex. #5:  Schomer Vita (Glennon)

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01 
for June 7, 2016 

June 7, 2016 audio.

ZA-16-01 Application

ZA-16-01 Findings

ZA-16-01 Ordinance

ZA-16-01 Transcript

ZA-16-01 Transcript October 4, 2016

Zoning Text Amendment  ZA-15-01
for May 27, 2015


Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Special Use Odle Gravel Case SU-15-09
for May 3, 2016

SU-15-09 Application 

SU-15-09 Findings 

SU-15-09 Transcript May 3, 2016 

SU-15-09 Transcript May 11, 2016