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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

**Reminder: McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office handles all but City of Bloomington. Click HERE for the Bloomington Election Commission's Website.**

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2017 Consolidated Election
Consolidated Primary - February 28, 2017
NO ELECTION FILINGS IN THE MCLEAN COUNTY CLERK'S JURISDICTION TRIGGERED A FEBRUARY PRIMARY (five candidates must have filed to run for the same position, in order to have a February Primary)

McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office of County Clerk, handles Normal and all McLean County EXCEPT City of Bloomington which is handled by the Bloomington Election Commission (BEC). Please check with BEC for information about the February Primary. http://www.becvote.org 


Consolidated Election - April 4, 2017
Early Voting Information
ONLINE Vote by Mail application

Complete List and Information of all Candidates and Filing Papers

List of Write-In Candidates

FAQ:  When are the filing dates? Where do candidates file?
Only School Board candidates and multi-township assessors file with our office directly, and that begins Monday, December 12, 8:00 am. Last day to file is Monday, December 19, 8:00 am and by 5:00 pm. All other candidates for local races file with their local election official. (Example:  The Normal Town Clerk will certify their candidates to us, be they Democratic, Republican or Independent.)
Each local official certifies their candidates to us. The deadline to certify is January 26, 4:30 pm. Some local elections do not have Republican or Democratic candidates. Check with your local election official; town clerk, township clerk, etc.

A write-in candidate must file a notarized "Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate" (SBE Form P-1F) with the County Clerk's office by February 2, 2017.

The elections our office, the County Clerk, handle (not City of Bloomington) have not triggered a February Primary. Thus, our elections throughout McLean County will be the Consolidated Election, Tuesday, April 4.

To see what offices will be on the ballot, see page iii, iv, v and vi at the second link below:  2017 Local Election Official’s Handbook

Candidates Information

Important Dates:

  • January 3-First day for Military and Overseas to request Ballot
  • January 3-Last day for filing petitions for referenda for the submission of questions of public policy (local).
  • January 4-First day for all others to request a ballot
  • January 17-Last day for local governing boards to adopt a resolution or ordinance to allow a binding public question to appear on the ballot.
  • January 17-Last day for County, Municipal, Township and Park Boards to authorize the placement of advisory referenda on the ballot by resolution
  • January 26-Last day for the Local Election Official (LEO) to certify to the us those on the ballot
  • February 2-Last day to file to be a write in
  • February 18-Last day to begin mailing ballots to Military/Overseas
  • February 23-First day to mail official ballot to everyone else if they are available
  • February 23-First day to Early Vote
  • March 7-Last day for those residing outside the US and not registered to vote to request and send ballot
  • March 7-Last day to register to vote
  • March 8-First day of Grace Period Registration
  • March 19-Last day of online Registration
  • March 27-Last day to receive application for, and mail out Military Ballots
  • March 30-Last day receive by mail a Vote By Mail (VBM) application and send ballot
  • April 3-Last day to Early Vote in our office
  • April 3-Last day to request in person a VBM
  • April 4-Last day to mail to us their VBM ballot

Register to vote Online.
Print out the Voter Registration Form (PDF) and mail it.

Directions To Our Office click here

**Reminder: McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office handles all but City of Bloomington. Click HERE for the Bloomington Election Commission's Website.**        

Voter Information and Registration:     

Election Judge Sign-Up Forms:

Election Worker Information and Materials, and Training Videos (Deputy Registrar, Election Judges)

Elected and Appointed Officials for McLean County:                                                                                    
Election Information:
Election Resources:
Past Elec
tion Results:    

McLean County Clerk Misc


**Reminder: McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office handles all but City of Bloomington. Click HERE for the Bloomington Election Commission's Website.**