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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Building & Zoning
Phil Dick, McLean County Building and Zoning
Phil Dick

115 E. Washington St., Room M102
P.O. Box 2400
Bloomington, IL  61701

Ph: (309) 888-5160

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
The McLean County Department of Building and Zoning is responsible for regulating construction activities in the unincorporated areas of McLean County.

If a resident wants to build outside any city, village, or town in the county, this department should be contacted before the project begins to be certain all local regulations are met.

This department also regulates construction and use through zoning, flood hazard, and subdivision regulations. 

Zoning Board of Appeals Publication, Agendas, Minutes, Audio and Zoning Applications

ZA-16-01 Signed Findings and Proposed Ordinance Nov. 7, 2016

ZA-16-01 Signed Findings

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01 
Information Submitted at ZBA Public Hearing on November 1, 2016

Click to locate the Nov. 1, 2016 audio

Documents Related to Rebuttal Testimony in Order of Appearance:

Wind Text 1 (State Will Not Study Health Risks Associated with Wind Turbines)

Wind Text 2 (County Assessor Reports Spike in Home and Property Values Near Calhan Wind Farm)
Wind Text 3 (MaRous & Company/Invenergy LLC)

Wind Text 4 (Photo and Map)

Wind Text 5 (Low-frequency Noise Incl. Infrasound from Wind Turbines and Other Sources)


Wind Text (WTG Setback Standards Analysis)

Documents Related to Closing Statements:


Wind Ordinance Text Amendment Suggested Revisions Power Point
Wind Text by Michael Glennon


Wind Text by William Rau

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01 
Information Submitted at ZBA Public Hearing on October 4, 2016

Click to locate the October 4, 2016 audio.

Transcript:  10-4-16 ZA-16-01


Mclean County Farm Bureau

Withdrawal of ZA-16-01 Proposed WECS Zoning Ordinance Amendment


Objection Ex. #1: Ordinance No 848

Objection Ex #2: Comments on Wildlife


Objection Ex. #3:  Wind Ordinance Text Amendment Suggested Revisions Power Point

Objection Ex. #4:  Schomer Affidavit Regarding Noise Level Criterion

Objection Ex. #5:  Schomer Vita

Farm Bureau Wind Text Amendment Case ZA-16-01
for June 7, 2016 

Click to locate June 7, 2016 audio.

ZA-16-01 Application 

ZA-16-01 Findings 

ZA-16-01 Ordinance 

ZA-16-01 Transcript 

ZA-16-01 Transcript October 4, 2016

Zoning Text Amendment  ZA-15-01
for May 27, 2015


Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Special Use Odle Gravel Case SU-15-09
for May 3, 2016

SU-15-09 Application 

SU-15-09 Findings 

SU-15-09 Transcript May 3, 2016 

SU-15-09 Transcript May 11, 2016