Recorder Survey

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Effective 12/31/13, a referendum was passed by voters in McLean County to place the duties of the Recorder's office into the office of County Clerk. A copy of the survey is included here for your review.


The functions of the Recorder’s Office transitioned to the County Clerk’s Office, effective December 31, 2013.

After several months following this transition, we thought it would be beneficial to conduct a survey to all those who utilize the Recording Division to share their comments and to rate our services. They could do this anonymously if they so desired. Here is the link to the survey questions, and the results are at the bottom of the page. VIEW THE SURVEY (PDF)!

Before the vote on this merger of offices, the concern of some was that Recording might be placed on the "back burner" and that not much money would be saved as there was concern by a few, that we would have to hire more experienced staff. Thus far, and I don't anticipate this changing, we have not had to increase our budget or hire any outside consultants to assist with this process.

We have always respected the work that is done in the Recording Division just as highly as we do for the work done in the County Clerk Division, and thus we felt it was time for this survey to find out how our customers felt.

I've been asked to speak to several groups regarding this merger and the feedback has been positive these past several months. We think it's been going well, thanks to the help of Mark Bounds and the entire staff. Mark has five years of experience in the Recording Division, and was promoted to Director. We were able to do this within our current budget constraints.

We prepared a survey and mailed to those in our database who utilize our Recording Division, asking them for comments and to rate our service from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. We want to know how those who use the Recording Division feel about how things are going. Our staff will meet and review all surveys and see if improvements need to be made and if so, how we can implement them.

See the results of the 2014 Recording Survey below.

*1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
100 Total number of surveys received.
4.43 Service Rating Average*
4.20 Search Site Rating Average*