Discovery Recount 2017: Mayoral Race

As most McLean County voters know, the race for Mayor of Normal was decided by 11 votes; with Incumbent Mayor, Chris Koos, officially declared the winning candidate. Opponent Marc Tiritilli, has challenged these results, filing the proper paperwork for what is called the "Discovery Recount". A Discovery Recount does not change the Official Results. If there are factors the opponent feels are sufficient to continue the challenge, after completion of the Discovery, he has until May 25 to file, with the Circuit Court, a request for a full recount. In the Discovery, the challenger can review not more than 25% of all precincts involved, which in Normal, is 30 precincts. The challenger then selected, by statute, 7 of the 30 Normal precincts to review. The first day of Discovery, which our office sets, is this Tuesday, May 9, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. If needed, the process will continue for as long as it takes to complete the review of these 7 precincts. In this initial Discovery, our office along with our Election Vendor Rep. from GBS, re-tabulate (run ballots through the Op Scan machines) again, to make sure the "count" from each precinct is the same as was reported on election night, April 4. 


Dana Clark is Heading up the Discovery Recount that was held in May for the Normal Mayoral race. Denise Cesario, our Director of Elections, with Mayor Chris Koos and representing the Tiritilli Campaign, Bruce Meeks. The Discovery process went extremely well. Thanks to all involved in making this run so smoothly, much appreciated!