Joy Care Center/Jobs Partnership

It's been our privilege to have worked with Michelle Cook and Sue Epstein from the Joy Care Center/Jobs Partnership and in partnership with McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage's office, since 2011, in our joint efforts to assist those folks re-entering society in McLean County. Michelle and Sue bring a wealth of experience in this joint election outreach effort as they have been Election Judges for over 7 years, as well as Deputy Registrars. With new legislation recently passed in 2018, we met with Michelle and Sue to add some additional election rights information, which they have added to their information they have provided over the years. This has been a wonderful partnership, with the County Clerk and Sheriff Sandage and our ongoing election education efforts, here in McLean County.

Kathy Michael
McLean County Clerk

Denise Cesario
Director of Elections

Joy Care Center/Jobs Partnership

Joy Care Center’s Jobs Partnership program has, very successfully, provided re-entry services in McLean County since 2011.

Joy Care Center was founded in Bloomington in 1993 and became 501-C-3 in 1995. The Joy Care Center brought the Jobs Partnership program to Bloomington in 2010.

Jobs Partnership (Jobs For Life) was founded in North Carolina in the mid-1990s, and has expanded to all 50 states, and state prisons in Illinois.

The similarity of mission and goals of Joy Care Center and Jobs Partnership blends the two together and insures quality service provision and administration. Joy Care Center provides the oversight advisory board, and Jobs Partnership provides the direct services…a perfect match.

The results prove our effectiveness. These results have all been achieved by dedicated volunteers, passionate to serve others and help them succeed. With no paid staff and no fixed financial support, we have achieved these phenomenal results, and have helped to improve the lives of almost 1,200 individuals to date. Financial support has been mostly from the pockets of our volunteers, and a few donations from churches, agencies, businesses, and concerned individuals. Just imagine how many more we could serve if we had money. The need is growing faster than our financial ability. In plain words… we need financial assistance.

I.D.O.C. re-entry placement pays $30 per day, per individual placed, for 60 days. We meet all the qualifications and requirements to receive re-entry dollars, but because Illinois has no budget (for the third year) no new state contracts are being issued so…we cannot get I.D.O.C. Funds.

Our goal is to serve at least 100 more re-entries in the next twelve months. The rate of $30 per day, per individual, would pay for housing, clothing, food, and all daily expenses for up to 60 days — allowing the individual to be employed and stable to become independent.

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