Social Services

Social Service Department

We understand that change can be difficult. Transitioning from living alone or with family and moving to a new place with new people can be challenging. At McLean County Nursing Home, we make every effort to make this transition as easy as possible. We have a full-time Social Services department to assist residents and family with the adjustment to the facility. If you or your loved one has any questions please contact the Social Service Department.

The Social Service department will assist you with the paperwork prior to, or on the day of admission.

On or before the day of admission the facility will need to make copies of the following documents:

  • Social Security card
  • Medicare Card
  • Insurance card (Supplemental Insurance and Medicare Part D)
  • Any advance directives you have, such as Living Will, Power of Attorney for Health and/or Finance, or Guardianship.

We encourage our residents to bring in personal items for decorating so they can feel comfortable in their new home. The Maintenance department will be happy to assist you with hanging pictures.

The following is a suggested list of clothing to bring:

  • Dresses/pants (5 or 6)
  • Sweater (2)
  • Undergarments (10)
  • Socks/hose (7 pairs)
  • Non-skid slippers (2 pairs)
  • Shoes (2 pairs)
  • Nightgowns/pajamas (5 pairs)
  • Robe (1),
  • Jacket/coat
  • Electric razor

Discharge To Home

When you are close to completing therapy, our Social Services department will assist you with arrangements to return home. Social Service will set up home health care, outpatient therapy, and/or adaptive equipment.