Tax Abatements

Property Tax Abatements

Under Section 18-165 of the Property Tax code (35 ILCS 200/18-165), a taxing district, upon a majority of the vote of its governing authority, may, after the determination of the assessed valuation of its property, order the Clerk of the County to abate any portion of its taxes on commercial or industrial property. The abatement calculations are performed after the tax extension is complete and rates are set. The County Collector obtains the calculations from the County Clerk and then proceeds to reduce the taxes to be collected and distributed on the parcels in accordance with each taxing districts abatement agreement.

Listed below are the active abatement agreements. Agreements that are pending will be listed when they are effective:

Foundary Square: 21-03-305-020                                                                                                                                                                                   Green Building LLC: 21-04-194-006 (PDF)
Haney Plumbing & Rental: 21-04-307-003 (PDF                                                                                                                                                            Mid City: 21-04-193-009
Rivian Automotive: 13-24-300-008 (PDF)
Rivian Automotive: 13-24-300-011 (PDF)
Rivian Automotive: 13-24-300-023 (PDF)
Rivian Automotive: 13-24-300-024 (PDF)
Rivian Automotive: 13-25-100-004 (PDF)
State Farm: Multiple Parcels (PDF)