Case Number Format

McLean County Court case number is comprised of twelve characters – no spaces, no hyphens.

  1. The four digits of the year of filing.
  2. The case code indicating case category – depending on case category, is either comprised of two characters OR one character and a zero. Case Category Descriptions
  3. The number of the case (comprised of 6 numbers, including leading zeros)


Chancery (CH)
Year Case Code Number
2018 CH 000009
Case #: 2018CH000009

Law Magistrate (LM)
Year Case Code Number
2016 LM 000023
Case #: 2016LM000023

Small Claims (SC)
Year Case Code Number
2017 SC 003687
Case #: 2017SC003687

For Dissolution (D), Family (F), Law (L) and Probate (P) cases, case code is comprised of the single character and a zero.

Note: Case Code contains a zero.

Law (L)
Year Case Code Number
2018 L0 000467
Case #: 2018L0000467

Dissolution (D)
Year Case Code Number
2017 D0 000056
Case #: 2017D0000056