File into Existing Case

An eFiler submits a filing using one of two options: “New Case” or “File into Existing Case”.

“New Case” is for initiating/originating a case with the Court. “New Case” provides filing codes and fees relative to court case initiation/origination.

“File into Existing Case” is only for subsequent court filings - filing into a case already existing with the Court. This option provides filing codes and fees relative to subsequent court case filings.

When eFiling into an existing court case, always use “File into Existing Case”. Filers must use the court case’s 12-character format (view details and examples).

If an existing court case is not listed in the EFM search results (using the proper case format), you are attempting to eFile into a case that has yet to receive an electronic submission. Nonetheless, it is crucial to continue forward with “File into Existing Case” using the case’s 12-character format.