Construction Permits

Required Prior to Start of Construction

Permits for most construction projects are required before that construction starts. Occupancy permits are issued upon completion of the construction project, or when the use of the land changes. On residential-use land, for example, permits are generally required for most construction, including:

  • Additions to homes (decks, porches, and patios)
  • Detached buildings (small storage buildings, permanent play equipment, and above-ground and in-ground swimming pools)
  • New homes
  • Ponds
  • Some fences

Types of Inspections

Generally three inspections are made during the course of construction:

  • Final inspection before an occupancy permit is issued
  • Foundation inspection
  • Stake-out inspection to verify the location of the improvement

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact the Building and Zoning Department at (309) 888-5160.