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McLean County has two Election Authorities. The McLean County Clerk's office handles all but the City of Bloomington. Voting in the City of Bloomington is run by the Bloomington Election Commission.

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2022 Primary Election Calendar

  • Mar. 7 - First day for established party candidates to file petitions.
  • Mar. 14 - Last day for established party candidates to file petitions.
  • Mar. 30 - First day for voters to request a Vote By Mail Ballot.
  • May 19 - First day to mail Vote By Mail Ballots to voters within the US.
  • May 19 - Early Voting begins.
  • May 31 - Last day that citizens outside the US can request a Vote by Mail Ballot and receive a full ballot.
  • June 12 - Last day for voters to register through the State Board of Elections website.
  • June 20 - Any Vote by Mail request by citizens outside the US that is received after this date will receive a ballot for Federal offices only (no local offices).
  • June 23 - Last day to request a Vote By Mail Ballot via mail or electronically by citizens within the US.
  • June 27 - Last day of Early Voting.
  • June 28 - Primary Election day
  • June 28 - Last day for Vote by Mail ballots to be postmarked or delivered to the County Clerk's Office (by 7pm if in-person).
  • July 5 - Last day a provisional voter may submit information to the County Clerk to support their registration status.

To view the complete Election Calendar, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections site.

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