District 4 Vacancy

A vacancy in the County Board now exists in District 4 due to the resignation of Member Logan Smith.  Please find the appointment application form here.  This and any other information you wish the Board to consider for your appointment should be submitted to the office of the McLean County Administrator in hard copy format no later than 12:00 noon on Thursday, July 8th. Upon receipt of your materials, our office will confirm receipt and invite you to attend the Executive Committee on Monday, July 12th at 4:30 p.m. in the County Board room (Room 400) of the Government Center Building.

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 309.888.5110

Mclean County Administration

Procedure for filling County Board and Countywide elected official vacancies. When a vacancy in the office of Board member or Countywide elected official occurs, the procedure for filling such vacancy shall be as follows:

  1. When such vacancy occurs, the Chair shall fix the date upon which the appointment to fill the vacancy shall be made, said appointment to be made at a regular Board meeting not later than 60 days after the vacancy occurs.
  2. Written applications and resumes must be submitted to the office of the County Administrator by 12:00 noon of the Thursday prior to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee in the month in which the appointment is to be made. No applications will be considered unless they have been so submitted and signed by the applicant. The County Administrator shall ensure that applications are filed in a timely manner and shall mail copies of all applications of all eligible candidates to all Board members with their packets prior to the Executive Committee meeting.
  3. Any applicant for a County Board seat must be a resident of the Board district in which the vacancy exists and must meet all the qualifications for holding public office. Any applicant for a Countywide elected office other than the office of State's Attorney must be a resident of the County, and applicants for all Countywide elected offices must meet all the qualifications for holding public office. Each applicant must provide evidence of membership in the same political party as the person whom the applicant proposes to succeed.
  4. At the regular Executive Committee meeting, all eligible applicants will be invited to address the Executive Committee. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Board Chair will recommend an appointment to fill the vacancy, subject to the approval of the Board.