Reapportionment Information

Press Release

Click here to view the press release from May 25, 2021.

Reapportionment Process

The County has chosen to retain a 10 district structure with two members to be elected from each district.

Currently, the "Red, White, and Blue Ribbon Advisory Groups" are working on producing one map each for presentation to the County Board.

Click here to view the reapportionment agendas.


Public Comment Regarding Proposed Maps

A public meeting to receive comment from the public regarding the three maps is tentatively scheduled for November 1 at 7:00 p.m. in the Government Center, Room 400. 

Red Group Members

White Group Members

Blue Group Members

Elizabeth Robb

Julie Smith
Greg Shaw
Phani Aytam
Ruth Novasad
Gary Tipsord
Uma Balakrishman
Adelita Cruz

Kevin Fitzgerald

Janessa Williams
Dr. John Wieland
Neil Finlen
Diana Cristy
Scott Laughlin
Guadalupe Alcala
Marcos Mendez

John Freese

Fred Walk
Mike O'Grady
Marie Denzer- Farley
Phyllis Versteegh
Tony Penn
Karla Bailey-Smith
Brian Dirks

Decennial Census Data

View the interactive web map application with 2020 Decennial Census Data.

View more 2020 Census Data at the United States Census Bureau's website.

Comparison Maps

Current Districts Compared to Proposed Starting Map (interactive)

Current County Board District Maps - 2011