Maintaining Voter Registrations

Maintaining voter registrations is a never-ending job that we take very seriously. Election staff review data daily to ensure McLean County voter registrations are as accurate as possible. Staff leverage the Illinois State Board of Elections database, the Illinois Secretary of State's State ID (driver's license/state ID) database, local obituaries, and the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) to update records.

Voters are responsible for contacting the election authority to provide any changes to their registration information. Examples of updates that should be reported include:

  • Address changes
  • Name changes
  • Family member deaths

Did you know: Even if you move from one apartment number to another in the same building, or if you move floors within an ISU residence hall, you need to register as a new address because your precinct should change.

What is ERIC?

The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a non-profit membership organization of 31 states and the District of Columbia designed to help states improve the accuracy of their voter rolls and increase access to voter registrations for eligible citizens.

To learn more about ERIC, read the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the ERIC website.