Public Health Award


Every year, the McLean County Health Department recognizes a county resident who furthers public health principles and practices by providing services in the county. The nominee's public health contribution can be professional or occupational either as a volunteer or in a paid capacity. Examples of public health areas of involvement area:

  • Aging Population
  • Communicable Disease
  • Community / Individual Mental Health
  • Dental Health
  • Employee Wellness
  • Environmental Health
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Health Education
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Injury Prevention: home, road, and worksite
  • Maternal / Child Health
  • Other health-related fields

Nominees must:

  • Be a resident of McLean County
  • Promote principles of public health in professional, public or volunteer work in McLean County
  • Network / collaborate with the community to help provide or promote public health to improve life for others
  • Promote a positive image of public health in McLean County
  • Be viewed as a leader in the community

The public health action/contribution must:

  • Address a public health concern
  • Be creative and / or unique in it's approach to a public health issue
  • Significantly enhance the image of public health while increasing awareness of public health issues
  • Contribute to the health promotion efforts in McLean County

Past Public Health Award Recipients


Colleen O'Connor - for her efforts to prevent youth suicides and reduce the social stigma attached to mental illness and mental health problems.


Dr. Anita Tillman - for her selflessness and dedication to addressing the needs of the children placed in the care of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and sent to see her through the Healthworks Lead Agency of McLean County program.


Jackie Lanier - for furthering public health principles, practices and services of McLean County by her work to promotes sustainable healthy changes, for a healthier McLean County, as well as her daily work to develop and inspire future health and wellness leaders.


Michael Brown - for furthering public health principles, practices, and services through his work at the Ecology Action Center (EAC).


Mike McCurdy - for his leadership with the Good-to-Go program, encouraging healthy lifestyles and promoting alternative transportation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Michelle Maurer, BSN, RN, ILCSN - for her public health advocacy inside and outside of Bloomington High School as the school nurse.


Richard W Wellman, M.D.- for acting as a liaison between the local OB/GYN physician community and the McLean County Health Department for more than 13 years.


Michael Claver and Curtis Hawk - for dedication, service, and leadership roles during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu response that went well above and beyond the call of duty.


Kim McClintic, MS, Road, LDN - for educating a variety of audiences including schools, businesses, community organizations, and support groups in McLean County about nutrition, wellness and disease prevention.


January Knollenberg, RN, MSN - for promoting health in pregnant and parenting teens, networking with health department programs and pioneering the Teen Parenting Support Group for McLean County schools.


John Krueger, MD - for lending his face and credibility to the Smoke-Free Bloomington-Normal Coalition's movement and influencing the enactment of smoke-free ordinances.


John F. Couillard, OD, and Craig H. Witte, OD - for meeting vision care needs of the medically indigent.


Russell Rush - for leadership and dedication in reducing infant mortality.


Bruce T. Lang - for increasing awareness of HIV / AIDS and volunteering with the McLean County AIDS Task Force.


Ernie Lambert - for promoting health as a devoted volunteer.


Jennifer Palmer - for increasing awareness of HIV risks and prevention among African American residents.


Vicki Tilton - for coordinating a wig bank and providing specialized cosmetic care for chemotherapy patients.


Gerry Decker - for volunteering with local agencies and assisting in areas ranging from communicable disease to maternal and child health as well as mental health.


Marilyn Evans - for establishing the McLean County Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


Drs. Stephen Doran, Jack Capodice, and David Efaw - for improving access to dental care for indigent county residents and for coordinating free dental clinics.


Ruth Ann Sikora - for helping provide services to medically indigent residents of McLean County.


Harold C. Ryan - for helping plan and develop the Community Health Care Clinic's free dispensary.


Myrna Eiben - for volunteering and helping improve the Unit 5 school health program.


Barbara J. Nathan and Deborah S Smith - for aiding in the development of a community-based prenatal clinic that provides services for low-income women.


Daniel Steadman, DDS - for providing free preventative, restorative and emergency dental care to low-income adults and children in McLean County.