Birth & Death Certificates

Birth and death certificates are considered vital records. The McLean County Health Department Administrator serves as registrar for vital records in McLean County. Under the Illinois Vital Records Act (410 ILCS 535), the McLean County Health Department maintains birth and death records from January 1, 1999 to present. For birth and death records from December 31, 1998 and before, please contact the McLean County Clerk or the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Birth and death records are not public records and only the following individuals are entitled to receive certified copies:

Birth Records:

  • Person named on the record if 18 years of age or older
  • Parent(s) shown on the record
  • Legal guardian or legal representative. Written evidence of guardianship or legal representation is required.

Death Records:

  • Immediate Family
  • Those who have a personal or property right interest with the decedent. If you are not a relative of the decedent, a letter or document from the office or agency that needs the death certificate must accompany the request.

Death Records for Retired or Active-Duty United States Military Service Members

  • If you are requesting a death record for an active duty or retired United States military service member, for more information please click here.


Type of Certificate Fee
Birth Certificate $15.00 for first copy
$6.00 for each additional copy
Death Certificate $17.00 for first copy
$8.00 for each additional copy

Requesting Certified Copies

Birth and death certificates are considered vital records. Only those who have a legal right to the record may obtain the record.

Identification in the form of a valid ID must be submitted for birth or death certificates. Click here for information about valid IDs: valid-government-issued-photo-id.pdf (

You may request birth or death certificates in 3 different ways: By Mail, In Person, or Online.

If you are requesting a death record for a Retired or Active-Duty United States military Service Member, Click Here.

1) By Mail:

Submit a completed Birth Certificate Application (PDF) or Death Certificate Application (PDF), a copy of your valid photo ID, and check or money order for the appropriate fee (See above chart) to the McLean County Health Department.

McLean County Health Department
200 W Front Street
Room 304
Bloomington, IL 61701

2) In Person:

Applications are accepted in person from 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Individuals requesting a Birth or Death Certificate must provide a valid photo ID.

3) Online:

Is the date of birth or death before January 1, 1999

Is the date of birth or death on or after January 1, 1999