Mosquito Surveillance Activities

Join the fight against mosquito-borne illness

The McLean County Health Department monitors virus activity in birds and mosquitos during the mosquito season. This runs from approximately May through October in our area.

In May, the McLean County Health Department begins collecting dead birds excluding predators like owls, hawks, falcons and eagles.

What should I do if I find a deceased bird?

Residents who find a dead bird on their property during mosquito season should:

  • Find out if the department is still accepting birds for testing - Contact the Environmental Health Division at (309) 888-5482 to find out if the department is still accepting birds for testing. The department can only collect and test a limited number of birds. Birds eligible for testing must be dead no longer than 24 hours and must have no obvious signs of trauma. Those submitting birds will receive further instruction upon calling the Environmental Health Division.
  • Dispose of a dead bird that the health department cannot accept - Adults should use gloves and/or tongs to place the dead bird inside two plastic bags. Then, place the deceased bird into the trash or bury it away from water sources. After handling a dead bird, it’s essential to wash your hands with soap and warm water.