TB Clinic

Tuberculosis Services

The McLean County Health Department's TB clinic offers tuberculosis skin tests, child risk assessments, diagnostic testing, case management for TB clients, referral and TB consultation for health care providers, and can provide medication if necessary based on financial need.

Appointment Availability

TB services are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call (309) 888-5435. Please state if you are a Positive Reactor when you make the appointment.

Testing days/times are subject to change due to holidays, health department closures and staff training.

TB Services Testing

The health department accepts private health insurance, Medicaid, and private pay and charges fees to all McLean County residents and non-residents, including students and volunteers, for TB skin tests. Medicare does not cover TB screening or testing at McLean County Health Department.

  • TB Skin Tests
  • 2-step TB Skin Test
  • TSPOT Tests

TSPOT is a blood screening test for tuberculosis that requires only one appointment and can take the place of a one-step or two-step TB skin test.The test can be billed to insurance.
If you have any questions about the TSPOT test, please call the TB Clinic at (309) 888-5435.

As with all services, please check coverage with your insurance provider if the test you need is covered. If insurance does not cover the total cost of the service you will be billed the amount remaining.

Please call (309) 888-5435 to ask if your health insurance is accepted.


If further evaluation is needed based on your skin test results or previous TB history, our TB clinic will refer you to your primary provider. If you do not have a primary provider, MCHD staff will work with our Medical Director until you can establish a primary provider.

Additional testing may be covered under your insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. If you do not have insurance and meet income eligibility requirements, the TB clinic may be able to assist you, and will review on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information, please contact the TB Clinic at (309) 888-5435.

Community Health Partners

The health department follows the CDC's MMWR "Guidelines for Prevention the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health Care Settings, 2005." We do not provide any documentation waiving employee TB skin testing. We can provide resources and tools for you to evaluate whether your agency needs employees to be skin tested annually.

  • Click on the link to access Appendix B on pages 128-135, Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Worksheet. This will provide you a starting point to assess your agency's need for annual employee TB skin testing.
  • Access the 2022 McLean County Health Department's Annual Report, page 21 (actually 24 of the document), for incidence of TB information needed to complete step #1 of the Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Worksheet.
  • The remaining information will come from your specific agency and can provide the needed support on your decision to test or not test employees annually for TB.

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