Breakout Session 1

Choose one session from the following list to attend during Breakout Session #1, from 9:45-11:00 AM

Room Track - Let’s Talk About Mental Health:

Micro (and macro!) aggressions: Words Matter
Hannah Mesouani – YWCA

What are microaggressions, populations that experience them, how they impact people and their mental health, exploring the impact of language, how to address a situation if you have committed a microaggression, and supporting those who have experienced a microaggression

Room Track - Diverse Community Perspectives:

Challenges Supporting New Families Integrating Into the Community 
Marianela Diaz - Unit 5

What are the specific/unique to those who have gone through the immigration process, the impact of that process on mental health, what it looks like to enter a new community, and actionable ways to support those in our community who have experienced this

Room Track - Breaking the Stigma:

Harm-Reduction in Recovery: A Mindset and Practice for Meeting People Where They Are At
Nakota Facker - JOLT Harm-Reduction

What is harm-reduction, the importance and impact of harm-reduction efforts, and the impact that this can have on someone’s recovery

Room Track - What's Up, McLean County?:

Hope and Healing While Experiencing Homelessness
Matt Burgess (Moderator) - Home Sweet Home Ministries
Cheris Larson - Project Oz
Almaveria Hudson
Samantha Williams - Home Sweet Home Ministries

Overview of the scope of homelessness in McLean County, considerations of what leads to someone being unhoused/sheltered, barriers to getting housing/shelter, the impact on mental health, stigma associated with being unhoused/sheltered, resiliency while unhoused and healing after becoming housed, supporting those not currently housed

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, A:

Digital Wellbeing
Jack Blahnik, Zachary Dell, TJ Bjorklund - ISU ESports

What is the connection between mental health and electronic activity, introduction to cyber-trauma, recognizing signs that you or someone else may be struggling, strategies to improve and maintain wellness in our digital age

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, B:

Understanding Grief and Loss
Joanna Oyer – Carle Health

What is grief, the various forms of grief and impact of general change, how to recognize that someone may be grieving and supporting them, and seeking support and developing skills in yourself while you are grieving

Room Track - Law and Justice:

We've All Been Incarcerated: Untreated Trauma and the Justice System
Langston Pates - McLean County Re-Entry Council

The connection between trauma and the justice system, the impact of childhood trauma on justice involvement, the role of reentry supports, recognizing the signs of trauma, and how to support those coming out of the justice system

Room Track - Family Matters:

Individual Educational Plans and 504 – Lifelong Planning
Dr. Charles Hartseil, EdD - Autism McLean

Overview of 504/IEPs, what situations may call for one, the process of seeking one of these accommodations, and the interventions involved, what is the difference between a 504 and IEP and how to decide which fits your needs