Breakout Session 4

Choose one session from the following list to attend during Breakout Session #4, from 3:00 - 4:15 PM

Room Track - Let’s Talk About It:

Pathways Through Crisis: Stepping in When You Think Someone is Struggling
Meghan Moser - McLean County Center for Human Services

What is a crisis, signs that someone may be experiencing a crisis, supporting someone in crisis, professional supports and how to access them, stigma associated with crisis and populations more at risk

Room Track - Diverse Community Perspectives:

The Journey of Intellectual Disabilities and other Developmental Delays
An exploration of what a developmental or intellectual disability is, address the stigmas associated, co-occurring/co-morbidity with mental health diagnoses, and supporting individuals in with a developmental or intellectual disability as well as the support network
Coleen Moore - Lifelong Access
Liz Lowry - Lifelong Access
Jack Pennoyer - Lifelong Access

Room Track - Breaking the Stigma:

Finding HOPE for those with Eating Disorders and the Culture That Created Them
Hilary Pacha - One Hope Project

Sierra Hobson - One Hope Project
An overview of eating disorders, discuss the reasons and motivations for why they occur rather than about the behaviors that come with those struggles, the continued secrecy and struggles that those who experience them have in accessing care, pushing against some of the misconceptions regarding eating disorders, and supporting those currently struggling with one

Room Track - What's Up, McLean County?:

Sewing the Seeds of Wellness: Mental Health in Rural Illinois
Amy Rademaker - Carle Health
Angela McLaughlin - Carle Health
A discussion regarding health challenges currently facing our rural community, the different stressors facing our agriculture community, barriers to receiving treatment, and how to support someone who is struggling from that community

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, A:

The Value of Spirituality in Recovery
Thomas Troe – Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Mental Health, CRSS
What is spirituality, exploring spirituality in yourself, the difference between spirituality and religious structures, and different coping skills and tools that utilize spirituality

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Mental Health, B:

Workplace Wellness
Erin Kennedy - OSF Healthcare
What does wellness look like in a work environment, seeking accommodations from an employer, what trauma-informed care can look like in a workplace, barriers to wellness in the workplace, how you can be well in your workplace, and supporting a coworker

Room Track - Law and Justice:

In the Aftermath: An Exploration of Grief and Healing After Gun Violence
Demeca Kirkwood - Moms Demand Action
Shelia Harris - Moms Demand Action
Laurie Bell - Moms Demand Action
A conversation about the experiences of those who have lost a loved one to gun violence, the impact of trauma on their lives, fostering a sense of safety after these incidents, exploring the impact on community mental health, exploring healing and supporting those who are currently healing

Room Track - Family Matters:

Ending the Silence for Families
Colleen O'Connor – Project Oz, NAMI
Claire Farnsworth – Project Oz
An evidence-based presentation for supporters of someone struggling with their mental health, recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health struggles, tools to seeking help and supporting the individual struggling