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Accelerate Access McLean County (AAMC) is a recently formed working group, consisting of key entities who share an interest in expanding broadband access for all residents of McLean County. AAMC continues to focus on making high speed internet choices available for everyone across the county. For more information on our team members visit the Our Vision page to learn more.

Broadband Breakthrough

AAMC was created from within the Broadband Breakthrough process. McLean County was one of five counties in Illinois selected to participate in the 14-week Broadband Breakthrough program, managed by the Benton Institute for Broadband and Society, and funded by the Illinois Soybean Association.

McLean County representatives and interested stakeholders came together to participate in weekly meetings beginning in January 2023. The program focused on supporting rural communities in preparing for broadband expansion. Each county team utilized the program as a foundation to advance their understanding of the county's current broadband infrastructure and access, develop county-wide surveys for residents, and begin identifying viable broadband partners to support a county broadband expansion proposal.

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High-Speed Internet Survey

As part of the Broadband Breakthrough program, the McLean County team released a survey focused on the status and quality of internet services currently provided to McLean County residents. The survey received a total of 1,230 responses, included a live speed test, covered a variety of internet-related questions regarding the usage and quality of internet, identified providers, number of devices, and more.

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