Our Vision

Guiding Principles

Accelerate Access McLean County strives to expand access for all residents to quality choices for reliable, affordable, and robust high speed internet services to promote economic prosperity, foster educational opportunities and improve quality of life.

AAMC Reference Map

Priority Strategy Overview

  1. Continue outreach to local internet service providers
  2. Continue development of mapping resources for ISP's
  3. Conduct a feasibility study to build a framework for AAMC's work
  4. Explore a variety of opportunities to secure funding
  5. Locate and improve processes related to permitting for the development of a high-speed network

Our Current Members

Anthony Grant McLean County Government, Team Leader
Ray Lai McLean County Regional Planning Commission
Francesca Lewis McLean County Regional Planning Commission
Kyle Mueller McLean County Government
Anna Ziegler McLean County Farm Bureau
Casey Peterson Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council
Marty Hickman McLean County Unit 5
Craig Jackson Illinois State University
John Scott ACC Americorps Member serving McLean County Government
Mark Jontry Regional Office of Education #17
community partners
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Questions and Membership

We continue to look for interested partners to collaborate with in order to efficiently push efforts forward. If you or a member of your organization would like to be involved in these efforts, please reach out to John Scott at [email protected]