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Mapping is a critical tool that our community can use to understand and explain the current status of broadband in McLean County. Explore the various static and dynamic maps linked below to learn more.

Broadband Speed Test

As a part of the Broadband Breakthrough program, McLean County released a High Speed Internet Survey to inquire about the status of broadband access for residents. The survey included a live internet speed test for those participants interested in identifying their current service speeds. A map of recorded download speeds is shown below.

Static Maps Related to McLean County Broadband

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WiFi Hotspots

Locate WiFi hotspots if you need to get online and don't have access to the internet at home

View the Web Map Here

Vertical Asset Map

With help from Illinois State University, LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology was used to identify vertical assets in McLean County. Vertical assets can be utilized to deliver fixed wireless broadband services through the construction of an antenna with communications equipment.

Explore the Interactive Web Map Here

Guyed Tower