Early Voting and Vote By Mail

Vote by Mail

What is the Vote by Mail process and how does it work? View the video to better understand how the process works.


  • Per the new Election Law for the November 3 General Election, three judges, made up of both the Republican and Democratic party, will be reviewing all signatures on vote by mail ballots.
  • If dropping off a vote by mail ballot for someone else, they must provide a signed affidavit granting that permission. This affidavit is a part of the ballot envelope.

Vote by Mail Applications

Vote by Mail Ballot Application (Online)
Vote by Mail Ballot Application(PDF) - Print and Mail

Submitting your Vote by Mail Ballot

Your vote by mail letter may mention a "certification card". The envelope in which your ballot is placed (called a ballot or certification envelope) acts as the certification. If you are mailing your ballot or delivering it yourself, an no one helped you complete the ballot, you only need to complete the signature and date fields. These fields are displayed in the red box on the ballot envelope sample.

 The label on your ballot envelope has the information necessary for the other fields.

ballot envelope

Early Voting

Early voting begins September 24, 2020 and runs through November 2, 2020. Early voting hours vary by location. Find specific locations and hours on the Early Voting Information page.

**McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office handles all but City of Bloomington. View the Bloomington Election Commission’s Website for information about their Early Voting Sites.


October 7 through November 2

Grace Period Registration/Voting is for those who did not register to vote or submit a change of address before the October  6 Close of Registration. During this time, you may come to the County Clerk’s office and register to vote or change your address.  You MUST vote at this time and you must present two forms of ID to register to vote; one of which must indicate your current address. You may register and vote on Election Day at your Polling Place with the proper ID. We do advise you to register before Election Day if possible, due to the potential of long lines at your Polling Place.

Vote by Mail (Absentee) ballots must be postmarked by midnight on Election Day and received within 14 days of Election Day to be count.

If you have election questions, contact the Elections Division at 309-888-4035