Submit your Vote by Mail application

Completing the vote by mail application (mail-in or online) will result in receiving a vote by mail application for this election only.
Completing the permanent vote by mail application will result in receiving a vote by mail application for every election moving forward unless cancelled.

Mail-in application to vote by mail in McLean County Opens in new window

Mail-in permanent application to vote by mail in McLean County Opens in new windowSee instructions for completing the Permanent Vote by Mail application

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Voters registered with the City of Bloomington should contact the Bloomington Election Commission for vote by mail information.

Learn about the Vote by Mail Process

Submitting your Vote by Mail Ballot

Ballot Envelope

Your vote by mail letter may mention a "certification card". The envelope in which your ballot is placed (called a ballot or certification envelope) acts as the certification. If you are mailing your ballot or delivering it yourself, and no one helped you complete the ballot, you only need to complete the signature and date fields. These fields are displayed in the red box on the ballot envelope sample.

The label on your ballot envelope has the information necessary for the other fields. ballot envelope 2021 - voter label signed and dated

Returning Your Ballot

When your VBM ballot is mailed to you it will include a ballot envelope (above) and a return envelope. Complete the information on your ballot envelope and seal it. Place the ballot envelope inside the return envelope and seal it.

Mailing Your Ballot : Place a First Class stamp on the envelope and get it to the US Postal Service for delivery to us. Ballots must be postmarked by November 8 and received by November 22.

Use a Dropbox : Drop your complete envelope in one of our secure drop boxes. Visit the Drop Boxes page for more details.

Issues with your Vote by Mail Application or Ballot

Rejected Vote by Mail Application or Ballot

If your application or ballot is rejected for any reason, within two business days after its rejected you will be notified. Appeals to rejected applications or ballots must be made in-person.  This is a change from previous elections, as a result of changes to election statute.         (10 ILCS 5/19-8g5). Voters have until 14 days after the election (Nov. 22) to complete their appeal.