Breakout Sessions: By Track

Breakout Sessions by Track (1)

Room Track - Let’s Talk About Mental Health:

Micro (and macro!) aggressions: Words Matter
Hannah Mesouani – YWCA

There is Power in a Story: The Importance of a Narrative in Recovery
Joan Hartman (Moderator) - McLean County Center for Human ServicesMorgan Hartrich - McLean County Center for Human ServicesTimothy Mollet - McLean County Center for Human Services
Natalie Alfeo - McLean County Center for Human Services

Vicarious Trauma: Impacts and Buffers
Keith Brotheridge - The Baby Fold

Pathways Through Crisis: Stepping in When You Think Someone is Struggling
Meghan Moser - McLean County Center for Human Services

Room Track - Breaking the Stigma:

Harm-Reduction in Recovery: A Mindset and Practice for Meeting People Where They Are At
Nakota Facker - JOLT Harm-Reduction

Healing the Narrative on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Cathleen Hayes, CRSS - Chestnut/ROSC

Process Addictions
Winifred Ashford - Carle Health

Finding HOPE for those with Eating Disorders and the Culture That Created Them
Hilary Pacha - One Hope Project
Sierra Hobson - One Hope Project

Room Track - Diverse Community Perspectives:

Challenges Supporting New Families Integrating Into the Community
Marianela Diaz - Unit 5

TBD - Immigration Project 

Speaking with Pride: Exploring the Experiences of the LGBTQIA+ Community Navigating Mental Healthcare
Hannah Mesouani – YWCA Raylene Gomez Hernandez - Illinois Wesleyan UniversitySophia Gawron - Lifestance Health

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Black Men in Behavioral Health
Tony Jones (Moderator) - McLean CountyGregory Cox - BrightpointMichael Gardener - Illinois State University Police Community Engagement Unit
Gregory Wilson - City of Bloomington

The Journey of Intellectual Disabilities and other Developmental Delays
An exploration of what a developmental or intellectual disability is, address the stigmas associated, co-occurring/co-morbidity with mental health diagnoses, and supporting individuals in with a developmental or intellectual disability as well as the support network
Coleen Moore - Lifelong AccessLiz Lowry - Lifelong Access
Jack Pennoyer - Lifelong Access

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, A:

Digital Wellbeing
Jack Blahnik - Illinois State University ESportsZachary Dell - Illinois State University ESports
TJ Bjorklund - ISU ESports

Trauma & Your Body
Tonya Bassett – Breathe Counseling

Mood, sleep, appetite – listen to your gut!
Dr. Omar Khokhar, MD – OSF Healthcare
Dr. Jibran Naseer, MD - MyCare Express Care

The Value of Spirituality in Recovery
Thomas Troe – Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Mental Health, CRSS

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, B:

Understanding Grief and Loss
Joanna Oyer – Carle Health

Understanding Distinctive Challenges and Resources in Supporting Mental and Physical Well-Being for Older Adults, and Those with Disability
Dr. Christopher Wellin, PhD

Narcissism Unmasked: Unraveling the Complexities of Entitled Self-Importance
Dr. Dan Lannin, PhD - Illinois State University

Workplace Wellness
Erin Kennedy - OSF Healthcare

Room Track - Law and Justice:

We've All Been Incarcerated: Untreated Trauma and the Justice System
Langston Pates - McLean County Re-Entry Council

Current Efforts in McLean County
Susan Schafer (Moderator) – McLean County BoardGabriela Vo – PATH CrisisSally Gambacorta – Carle Health
Meghan Moser – Center for Human Services

Mental Health in the Court: Fitness and Treatment Considerations in the Legal System
Carol Shegog-Parker - McLean County Public Defenders Office
Ron Lewis - McLean County Public Defenders Office

In the Aftermath: An Exploration of Grief and Healing After Gun Violence
Demeca Kirkwood - Moms Demand ActionShelia Harris - Moms Demand Action
Laurie Bell - Moms Demand Action

Room Track - What's Up, McLean County?:

Hope and Healing While Experiencing Homelessness
Matt Burgess (Moderator) - Home Sweet Home MinistriesCheris Larson - Project OzAlmaveria Hudson
Samantha Williams - Home Sweet Home Ministries

Navigating the Options of Behavioral Health Services and How to Seek Help
Trisha Malott, LCSW - Bridge Academy

What it Means to be a Student Today: A Conversation about the Lived Experience of College Students in our Community
Dr. Carrie Haubner, PsyD (Moderator) - Illinois State University Counseling ServicesLitzy Morales - Student, Illinois Wesleyan UniversityKassandra Diaz - Student, Illinois State University
Amy Jeck - Student, Heartland Community College

Sewing the Seeds of Wellness: Mental Health in Rural Illinois
Amy Rademaker - Carle Health
Angela McLaughlin - Carle Health

Room Track - Family Matters:

Individual Educational Plans and 504 – Lifelong Planning
Dr. Charles Hartseil, EdD - Autism McLean

The What’s What with Teen Vaping?
Gordon Bender - Project Oz

Parenting and Self-Care
Dr. Burgundy Johnson, MD - Carle Health

Ending the Silence for Families
Colleen O'Connor – Project Oz, NAMI
Claire Farnsworth – Project Oz