Marriage/Civil Union License Appointment Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment

You must schedule an appointment by calling (309) 888-5190. Appointments take 20-30 minutes, so please arrive on time.

Obtaining a License 

(*subject to changes allowed under Governor's Executive Order 2020-36 re-issued and extended under 2021-19  through September 18.)

  • Call our office to schedule an appointment to obtain the license.
  • A ceremony must take place in McLean County.
  • The license is effective/valid the day after you sign the application. You must be married within 60 days of the effective date or you will need to reapply.*
  • Both parties must appear in person at the time of the appointment.*
  • Bring your unexpired driver’s license, State ID or passport for identification.
  • License fee of $65 is due, payable by check or money order made out to McLean County Clerk.  If you desire to pay with a credit or debit card, please let us know so that we can send you the correct link.  
  • License fee does not include certified copies.
  • You must not be related.
  • No blood tests are required.
  • If a minor is applying for a marriage license, parent or legal guardian consent is required. An affidavit is needed.
  • Your marriage must be solemnized. (You must have a ceremony.)
  • Your officiant completes and signs the bottom portion of the front of the license.
  • You or your officiant return(s) the original marriage license by mail to our office [within 10 days*] after the ceremony.
  • Your original marriage/civil union license is recorded and kept on file in the County Clerk’s office. You may obtain certified copies for an additional fee. If you choose to prepay for certified copies at your appointment, they will be mailed to you as soon as your license is returned.

Courthouse Ceremonies - call Judges’ Chambers for availability

Make arrangements with the Judges’ Chambers if you want a ceremony in the courthouse. Judges only perform marriages and civil unions on Friday, and you must have obtained your license at least one day before (i.e. Thursday morning). There is an extra charge for this service. We recommend calling the Judges’ Chambers at (309) 888-5290 to schedule an appointment one (1) month before the ceremony. 

Marriage Rights in Illinois

- View Illinois rights

On 11/20/2013, Illinois passed Public Act 098-0597 changing marriage rights. For more information regarding this Act or pending legislation, contact

Lambda Legal at or by calling (866) 542-8336.