Volunteering at the Center

Recognizing Community Involvement

Much of our success is the result of community involvement and we welcome new volunteers. Most of our volunteers come from the local universities.

Available Activities & Programs

Volunteers are involved in a variety of areas within the facility, and may be involved in the following programs:

  • Classroom activities - Tutoring, assisting in the computer lab or classroom as scheduled by the instructors / detention officers
  • Recreation activities - Playing basketball, volleyball, Wiffle ball, etc., during structured physical education time or during free gym time
  • Passive activities - Playing card games, board games, Foosball, etc., during free time
  • Volunteer visiting - Spending half an hour with a youth who does not ordinarily receive visitors
  • Other groups / types of activities - Volunteers may assist in the planning and presentation of any program with prior permission (i.e., religious groups, life skills, etc.).

Volunteering & Orientation

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Program Coordinator Mandy Owens at (309) 888-5550 to register for a volunteer orientation.

Note: The orientation consists of a tour of the facility, further descriptions of volunteer opportunities available, and completing necessary paperwork. All volunteers must pass a background check.