Have I Been Abused?

Indicators of Abuse

The following information has been provided by the Countering Domestic Violence (Neville House). If you feel you may be at risk, call our 24-hour crisis line now at (309) 827-7070.

Part I: Physical Abuse

Has your partner done any of these things to you?

  • Abandoned you in dangerous places
  • Banged your head against the wall
  • Held you to keep you from leaving
  • Hit or punched you
  • Kicked or choked you
  • Locked you out of the house
  • Pulled your arm
  • Pushed or shoved you
  • Raped you
  • Slapped or bit you
  • Subjected you to reckless driving
  • Threatened or hurt you with a weapon
  • Thrown objects at you
  • Tied you down
  • Tripped you
  • Twisted your arm

Part II: Sexual Abuse

Has your partner ever done any of these things to you?

  • Been jealously angry, assuming you would have sex with any available man / woman
  • Called you sexual names like whore or frigid
  • Criticized you sexually
  • Forced particular unwanted sexual acts
  • Forced sex after beating
  • Forced sex when you were sick or when it was dangerous to your health
  • Forced sex with him/her or others or forced you to watch others
  • Forced you strip when you didn't want to
  • Had affairs with other women / men
  • Insisted on uncomfortable touching
  • Insisted that you dress in a more sexual way than you wanted
  • Minimized the importance of your feelings about sex
  • Publicly showed physical interest in other women / men
  • Told anti-woman / anti-men jokes or made demeaning remarks about women / men
  • Treated women / men as sex objects
  • Withheld sex and affection

Part III: Emotional Abuse

Has your partner ever done any of these things to you?

  • Abused pets to hurt you
  • Blamed you for the violence
  • Called you names
  • Continually criticized you, called you names, or shouted at you
  • Controlled all the money
  • Controlled you with his/her possessiveness and jealousy
  • Criticized you for the way you raise your children
  • Dampened your enthusiasm
  • Demeaned and put you down by saying you couldn't manage without masculine / feminine help
  • Harassed you about affairs he/she imagined you were having
  • Humiliated you in public or private
  • Ignored your feelings
  • Insulted or drove away your family and friends
  • Insulted you
  • Intercepted your mail or telephone calls
  • Intimidated and belittled you
  • Kept you from working, controlled your money, or made all decisions regarding finances
  • Made you nervous and upset over being a few minutes late
  • Manipulated you with lies and contradictions
  • Not allowed you to make any decisions
  • Punished or deprived the children when she / he was angry at you
  • Refused to socialize with you
  • Refused to talk or listen to you
  • Regularly threatened to leave or told you to leave
  • Rejected you
  • Ridiculed or insulted women / men as a group
  • Ridiculed or insulted your most valued beliefs, your religion, race, heritage, or class
  • Showed sarcasm toward you
  • Threatened to hurt you or your family
  • Threatened to kidnap the children if you left him/her
  • Told you about his/her affairs
  • Took car keys or money away from you
  • Withheld approval, appreciation, or affection as punishment