Lifestyles Group

Domestic Violence & Life Skills Group

This group is held once each month and is attended by offenders on probation who have completed the domestic violence intervention / treatment as ordered by the court. The purpose of this group is:

  • To re-enforce the use of the skills they learned in domestic violence counseling
  • To learn new skills that can improve their relationships with others and their lives

Group Learning Experience

Each probationer attends a total of six sessions, actively participating in the group learning experience. The group is led by the domestic violence probation officers but the focus is on each individual gaining a new sense of hope and growth. The skills they learn are focused to propel them toward a life without domestic violence.

For More Information

If you wish to contact this unit, please call the McLean County Adult Court Services Department at (309) 888-5360 and ask for one of the personnel assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit.