Employment / Internship Opportunities

Seasonal & Part-Time Employment Opportunities

McLean County Parks and Recreation employs over 40 seasonal and part-time staff throughout the year. Applications are available at the COMLARA County Park Visitors Center, located at 13001 Recreation Area Drive in rural Hudson. A listing of available summer positions with job descriptions is also available at these sites. Seasonal employee positions include: program managers, beach managers, lifeguards, cashiers, maintenance laborers, and recreation attendants.

Openings that become available are posted online. Parks and Recreation is now taking applications for COMLARA Park 2024 Positions!

Student Summer Jobs

Seasonal position orientations generally take place on weekends to accommodate students. Flexibility is available for dates of seasonal employment. Contact us at (309) 434-6770 about scheduling around summer classes at nearby Heartland Community College, Illinois State University, and Illinois Wesleyan University.


The McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation works closely and regularly with a number of universities and colleges within, and outside of, Illinois on professional practice programs. Stipends and/or housing may be available dependent upon qualifications, internship length, dates, and internship emphasis. The department has previously worked with students preparing for careers in the diverse fields of parks and recreation administration, public administration, planning, natural sciences, management, business administration, and marketing.