Resource Management

Conservation & Resource Management

Natural resource management is a function of managing County parks, reserves, and recreation areas. The Department of Parks and Recreation has developed and routinely performs projects relating to ecosystem management and the protection of natural resources.

Ongoing Reforestation Program

Among the department's current projects is an ongoing reforestation program encompassing over 240 acres of former cropland, recreated prairies, river otters, an installation of waterfowl, and a bluebird provision for environmental research projects, environmental education programs, and a fishery management program.

White-Tailed Deer at COMLARA Park

Research has documented rising populations at COMLARA County Park in excess of 60 deer per square mile. The ecological carrying capacity of various natural environments is 15-20 deer per square mile. The excess number of deer will continue to increase, possible dramatically, without active management.

Damage to the Ecosystem

Easily visible from many roadway locations, you will note that there is little vegetation in the woodland areas from a point approximately 4.5 feet high (the browse line) to the floor of the area. In many areas, the trees appear to have been pruned to this height, as found in urbanized landscape settings. Review additional reasons for white-tail deer resource management.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation at (309) 434-6770.