Volunteer Group Projects

Sample of Projects

  • Display Board Signs - The department is in need of display boards at the following several trailhead locations at COMLARA County Park. Boards would be covered and similar in appearance to display boards that are currently located at White Oak Area (WOA) and Main Recreation Area (MRA) boat launches. Projects could be the construction and installation of one or more display boards.
  • Outdoor Dining - Construct 4-5 tables for beach outdoor dining (designs provided).
  • Benches - Construct and install 5-6 benches at several scenic overlooks (designs provided).
  • Mulch 100+ Trees - This project would require the mulching of many trees in the active-use areas of the park. Mulch is available on site, making distribution and manpower supervision the primary issues with the project.
  • Renovation / Beatification of Beach Security Fence – Paint the fence black to blend it into the natural landscape work and construct and add hanging planters, as appropriate.
  • Construct Additional Section(s) for Marina Point's Accessible Fishing Pier - The accessible fishing pier at Marina Point is of wood framed construction with foam billets and is built in 10-by-6-foot sections. Additional sections would provide room for more people to use this site at one time.
  • Footbridge Rehabilitation – Two footbridges in the Lake View Area are in need of renovation. Renovations could include redecking and/or complete reconstruction using utility poles.
  • Shade Structures - Construct wooden-frame shade structure for Pump Station Fishing Access Point.
  • Footbridge for White Tail Slough – This bridge would require a significant crossing and would most likely be based upon use of utility poles.
  • Construction of Fence – The department needs to install about half a mile of fence in two locations – materials would be provided by the department. Only those groups whose leaders have some fence experience should consider this project.
  • Construction of Enclosure – This project would include the construction of a fenced area in the timber near an easily accessible trail location and the construction of appropriate signage. Enclosures demonstrate the impact of deer browse upon timber plant species.
  • Invasive Plant Removal - County parks have autumn olive, a non-native invasive plant species, in many park areas. The removal of the plants includes cutting to the bases with chain saws and removal of the cuttings. The Department of Parks and Recreation will then apply herbicide to reduce rejuvenation.
  • Installing Signposts - This work includes the lettering of 100+ signposts and the erection of such posts on trails (fiberglass posts and adhesive lettering are provided).
  • Install Sign - Complete entrance sign landscaping at White Oak Area entrance.
  • Construct Concrete Access Path to Disabled Visitor Facilities – Several locations within County parks are currently served by limestone paths. Due to the level of use and maintenance requirements, some areas have now been identified as better suited for concrete paths. Some concrete flat-work experience is necessary.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact the McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation at (309) 434-6770.