Detention Facility


If you wish to write someone at the McLean County Detention Facility it should be addressed to the following address with the following information unique to the person you are writing.  The mail will be scanned into a digital format and made available for viewing.

McLean County Jail

Inmate Name

Inmate ID Number

P.O. Box 2966 PMB 35803

San Antonio Texas, 78299-2966

Tablet Information

For information on inmate use tablets go to and make an account.  E-mails and pictures can be sent through this service.


Parking is available on-street, or the Front Street parking deck is available for an hourly fee (as posted).

Visiting Schedule

On-Site Visiting hours Monday-Friday hours are as follows

09:10 am-10:50 am

12:00 pm -01:40 pm

03:30 pm-05:00 pm

On-Site Visiting hours Saturdays

07:30 am -10:55 am

12:00 pm-02:15 pm

On-Site Visiting hours Sundays

Facility closed for on-site visiting hours

Off-Site Visiting hours Monday-Friday are as follows

09:10 am- 10:50 am

12:10 pm-04:35 pm

06:00 pm-08:40 pm

Off-Site Visiting hours Saturdays

07:30 am – 10:55 am

12:00 pm-04:35 pm

6:00 pm – 08:40 pm

Off-Site Visiting hours Sundays

09:10 am – 10:50 am

12:00 pm – 01:40 pm

03:30 pm- 05:35 pm

06:00 pm -08:40 pm


Inmates get three thirty minute free on-site visits a week and five off-site paid visits per week. Week starts over on Sundays.   Off-Site visits cost $7.50 for thirty minutes.