Domestic Violence Unit

Investigating Signs of Domestic Violence or Abuse

The concept for this specialized unit was developed in the fall of 1997. The focus is to thoroughly investigate cases in which there is a sign of domestic violence or abuse, which is defined as physical abuse, harassment, intimidation of a dependent, interference with personal liberty, or willful deprivation. However, this does not include reasonable direction of a minor child by a parent or person in loco parentis (750 ILCS 60/103).

A High Rate of Incidence

Domestic violence incidents continue to be one of the major calls for service of the Sheriff’s Office. The high rate of incidence and the potential for violence in these calls demand a diligent police response. Based upon the complex nature of this crime, it requires specialized training for proper investigation. The time and effort needed to accomplish this task was best conducted through a specialized Domestic Crimes Unit.

Supervision & Training

The McLean County Sheriff's Domestic Crimes Unit (DCU) was enacted on January 1, 1998. The Domestic Crimes Unit is under the supervision of the Criminal Investigation Division's commander. The DCU deputy receives specialized training on the topics of domestic violence, criminal investigations, interviewing, photography, Elder Abuse and teaching in preparation for their assignments.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please email  Deputy Niko Rivera or call him at (309) 888-4940