Victim Witness Program

About the Program

The Victim Witness Program provides services to victims and witnesses of felony crimes, misdemeanor crimes, DUI crimes, felony traffic crimes, and juvenile crimes. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Providing witnesses with case scheduling information and answers to questions about the court system and its procedures
  • Supporting intimidated witnesses by providing information and access to the proper resources for assistance
  • Facilitating the return of recovered items of personal property to victims of crimes
  • Gaining the support of employers to allow their employees to come to court without loss of pay
  • Assisting the victims of violent crimes in obtaining compensation under the Crime Victims Compensation Act
  • Contacting victims as to the disposition of their felony case
  • Notifying victims when a no contact order as a condition of bail has been obtained for their protection
  • Training law enforcement officials and social service personnel as to the needs of victims and services provided for them in the community
  • Reviewing certification requests under the Voices of Immigrant Communities Empowering Survivors (VOICES) Act. Policy and Procedure for certification requests

Program's Overall Purpose

The purpose of the program is to assist and support victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system. We hope to lessen the hardship and fear with which they are often faced. We also strive to increase prosecution success by providing better prepared and informed witnesses resulting in fewer dismissals of criminal cases. In addition, the program recognizes as one of its main purposes the restoring of public confidence in the criminal justice system.