Assumed Names/DBA

An Assumed Name, also known as a DBA, standing for "Doing Business As," is required to conduct business under a name other than the real name(s) of the individual(s) doing business. To get an Assumed Name, first make sure it is not in use by another McLean County business by searching the name on our Assumed Name Search site. Next, file a Certificate Intention (PDF) form with the County Clerk. We recommend filing your certificate intention in person to ensure that you are able to meet your deadline for publication. For more information about the Assumed Name process, including cost to file and deadlines, please carefully read the Assumed Name Packet (PDF). The process includes publishing in a local newspaper for three consecutive weeks and submitting the proof of publication to the County Clerk within the deadlines. Assumed Name customers will receive a folder with the all the documents linked on this page when they come in to the office. We also have a public computer where customers may search their Assumed Name. Our office is open Monday - Friday 8-4:30 except for County Holidays.

Once you submit to us the proof of publication from the newspaper, our office has 5 business days to mail out your certificate of business ownership. Please note that we will mail the certificate to the business address that you indicated on the form. Make sure that mail addressed to your business name will reach you at that address.

If you have a change to your business after filing your Assumed Name Certificate Intention, please complete and return the Supplementary Certificate (PDF) form. If you want to do business as an LLC, LLP or corporation (PDF), contact the State of Illinois. To search the name of an LLC, LLP or corporation, go to the State's website.

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