Statement of Economic Interests

Changes to the questions on the SEI form were passed by our State Legislature and became effective January 1, 2022.  Please make sure you are using the form that says it is "revised for 2022" or "revised in 2022."  We recommend that you consult the definitions of terms (below) and the other information on this page before you complete the form. 

According to Illinois Statute 5 ILCS 420/4, certain individuals are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) with the Office of the County Clerk by May 1st of each year.  Who must file to the County Clerk? (statute)

Annual filing for individuals begins February 12, but expect to be notified around March 1. This is because units have until February 1 to turn in their lists of filers. Feel free to file online beginning February 12 - instructions follow directly below.  The annual filing deadline is May 1.  If you have questions about filing online, contact Jeannette Mead at (309) 888-4098 or call our general number of (309) 888-5190. To save taxpayer dollars, we encourage you to file online. 

Online Filing instructions:  1. Create an account  2. File your SEI online                                    1. You may create an account at any time.  2. You may file your annual SEI after February 12, 2024.  Be aware that if you have multiple local government positions, you need file only once annually to the County Clerk (this does not include any candidate filings or positions that require you to file to the Secretary of State). You will be asked on the form to list any additional positions in other units of government. Consult your legal counsel if you have questions.  Filers who have been newly-elected or appointed may feel free to set up an account and file online.  

Paper Filing (Note: this is not online filing): Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) form. Print form and complete legibly or fill in electronically, print and mail.  Kindly wait until February to turn in your paper form; we are still creating our filer list in January.  Read the instructions and questions carefully, as the form has changed substantially. Don't leave Question #3 blank; its answer space is at the top of page two. Discard any old forms.  

You are encouraged to click on the helpful definitions of terms below.  These definitions are found at the beginning of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act (Full text of current statute).

Definitions of terms (**indicates terms used in the definition of another term or elsewhere in the statute). Consult your legal counsel, or that of your unit of government, for advice on how to answer the questions.  

asset - compensation** - creditor - debt - diversified funds** - economic opportunity** - economic relationship - family - filer - income - Instrument of Ownership** - investment real estate - legislative interest** - legislative matter** - legislator** - lobbying** - lobbyist - person, entity - person with whom legislator maintains a close economic association** - personal residence** professional services** - representation case** - sector funds** - spouse - state agency** - unit of local government

Question by question guidance from U of I website  

Illinois Municipal League fact sheet on Statements of Economic Interests

Candidates for office, please note: Candidates for office are required to file paper forms. Complete and print the Candidate Statement of Economic Interest form. Alternately, you may provide a copy of your receipt for the current year's annual statement, if you are a candidate for the same position (the hard-copy receipt was returned by mail or in person; online receipt/confirmation of filing was returned by e-mail). Once elected or appointed, you will need to file an annual statement for that year and will need to file annually thereafter, for as long as you remain in the position.  if you are elected or appointed, you must file an annual statement in that calendar year. If you are elected/appointed in April, your deadline to file the annual statement that year is May 31.

Statements of Economic Interest on File

2023 Statements filed as of June 7

2022 Statements filed as of May 1 at 4:25 PM   NOTE:  This list is not final. Statements were due Monday, May 2 this year.  Filers may also continue to file late.

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