Bills Paid (Committee Reports)

  • Reports are only available after approved first by the oversight committee and approved by the full board.
  • FYI:
    • The three committees that oversee the McLean County Health Department (the Health Board, Developmental Disabilities Board, and the TB Board) have all been combined into one document.
    • Under the current structure of the McLean County Board, the Nursing Home's oversight committee is the Finance Committee, they are still separately reported and are here as well.


Land Use Committee
Land Use Committee Reports Page

Property Committee
Property Committee Reports Page

Transportation Committee
Transportation Committee Reports Page

Health Committee
Health Committee Reports Page

Health Board (June 2015 & before)
Health Board Committee Reports Page


Bills are submitted from County Departments to the McLean County Auditor’s Office for payments. Bills approved for payment are then reported monthly to oversight committees of the McLean County Board for approval of the bills. A Board Composite is also sent to the full Board for approval of all bills paid for the month. PLEASE NOTE: Payroll is not a function of (paid by) the McLean County Auditor’s Office, and thus does not appear on these reports.