Coroner's Office Personnel

The Office is staffed Monday through Friday with the following full-time personnel:

Dr. Kathleen Yoder (Davis), Coroner
Phillip Longstreth, Senior Deputy Coroner
Chris Gleason, Senior Deputy Coroner
Stephanie Yoder, Senior Deputy Coroner
Ingrid Streibich, Administrative Deputy

Our office also has the pleasure of working closely with our two independent forensic pathologists:

Chief Forensic Pathologist Dr. Scott Denton, M.D. - board certified FP/AP/CP
Dr. Amanda Youmans, D.O.

The Office would not be a successful 24-hour operation without dedicated part-time staff who assist us after hours and during weekends and holidays:

David Leach, Deputy Coroner
Jason Hospelhorn, Deputy Coroner
Janelle Czapar, Deputy Coroner
Paul Czapar, Deputy Coroner
Kevin Segerstrom, Deputy Coroner
Toby Hoover, Deputy Coroner
Colin Borth, Deputy Coroner
Tony Rozanski, Deputy Coroner
Steven Stachurski, Deputy Coroner
Stuart Blade, Deputy Chaplain

Reserve Deputies include:
Larry Milby

Alex Trickett

Brian Foley

I appreciate everything the above-listed individuals do on my behalf for the citizens of this community. Their efforts do not go unnoticed.