McLean County Pet Population Control Fund?

If funds are available in the McLean County Pet Population Control Fund at the time, assistance can be offered to McLean County residents to help to offset the cost associated with spay/ neutering procedures for dogs and cats adopted from the McLean County Animal Control.

Based upon the animal’s weight, the voucher will cover a portion of the spay/neuter procedure. The voucher is accepted by participating McLean County veterinarians only. Any remaining balance must be paid by the adopting individual to their veterinarian.

If funds are available, McLean County residents who qualify based on income eligibility may apply for assistance to spay or neuter their owned dogs or cats not adopted through Animal Control.

Spaying and neutering pets is important for many reasons. Controlling the pet population decreases the amount of abandoned and unwanted animals that end up in shelters. Packs of feral animals, previously domestic animals returned to a wild existence, can cause damage to property, people, and livestock as well as spread diseases such as rabies. State law mandates animals in McLean County that are unaltered pay a higher registration fee due to their reproductive status.

Ask about the program and income eligibility by calling the Animal Control Center at (309) 888-5060.

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