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Sep 10

Election Judge Training Complete

Posted on September 10, 2022 at 11:09 PM by Rob Watson

The last two sessions of our election judge training for new judges for 2022 were held Friday and Saturday at our great location at the Mall (where we will also have Early Voting again beginning Sept. 29 AND it's a Polling Place ON ELECTION DAY FOR ALL MCLEAN COUNTY VOTERS!

Nearly 50 new judges were trained, which is "good" for two years. Thanks Election Training Team Leader Mark Senger and the E-Team these two days: Pat Furnace, Wayne Dillow, and Hunter Spencer. Another big shout out to Deborah Hutchins and Linda Hutchins who will continue to organize the process of all our data and help get these 50 confirmed at a Polling Place or on our wait-list as we are filled almost to capacity which is a wonderful achievement thanks to this team.

One other thank you goes to ISU Civic Engagement Team for their continued work with our office and their outreach to secure more election judges. Several ISU students (and teachers and staff members) took training. The ISU Bone Center will be a "vote center" on Election Day, Nov. 8, as will Eastland Mall, where we expect a LARGE turnout.

A vote center is similar to early voting but is on Election Day, where any McLean County resident can vote; of course, one can vote at their regular Polling Place on Election Day, OR, at one of the vote centers. We are mandated to have at least one. If you are not registered to vote, bring two proper forms of ID to register to vote AND vote, both during Early Voting and on Election Day. Expect a longer wait time if you are not already registered to vote. It takes a bit longer, 15-20 minutes vs. about 5 minutes, if you are already registered to vote. If you can, try to register to vote before Election Day. If not, it's a great opportunity, especially for those who have just moved to McLean County right before Election Day and have the two forms of ID, ONE must have your current local address. Feel free to share this information. (Photos by Pat Furnace)