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Feb 26

Sample Ballots Available

Posted on February 26, 2023 at 7:27 PM by Rob Watson

Sample ballots for the 2023 Consolidated Election on April 4 are posted to the McLean County Elections website. Visit to view sample ballots. Instructions to find your ballot are on the Ballots page.

There are 191 ballot styles for the April Consolidated Election. We are always looking for ways to make the voting experience better for voters. This year we're testing a new format in preparation for the 2024 Primary and General Elections and we want your feedback! We have listed every address for our election authority and identified the ballot style for that address.

Previously we listed sample ballots by precinct; when you located your precinct there were likely multiple ballot styles for your precinct which led to voter confusion about which ballot to review. We hope this new method makes it easier for you to find your ballot.

A ballot style refers to a specific layout or content for a ballot, usually based upon precinct and/or address. Offices, candidates, or referenda may vary within a single precinct, based on an individual's address. For example, one side of a street may be in a different county board district, etc.

If you're uncertain which ballot style you'll use on Election Day, feel free to use the Contact Us button to submit your question and we'll be glad to assist. We're also available by phone at 309-888-4035 or [email protected].