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Law & Justice Center

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Square Footage
294,200 square feet

About the County Facility
The McLean County Law and Justice Center, 104 West Front Street, in Bloomington, Illinois, which is generally regarded as the county seat, was constructed by the McLean County Public Building Commission for the citizens of McLean County and opened for business on December 27, 1976. Designed by the Bloomington based architectural firm of Hilfinger, Asbury, Abels, and Cufaud Associates, Inc. this new four-story courthouse was built to replace the old McLean County Courthouse and the McLean County Jail which the County had outgrown. The new facility would house nine courtrooms, the McLean County Jail for a capacity of 85 inmates, McLean County States Attorney offices, McLean County Public Defender offices, McLean County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (E.S.D.A.), and court services offices. This would be the fifth McLean County Courthouse since 1832. McLean County became a County on December 25th, 1830, by action of the legislature of the state of Illinois. It was named after John McLean who had petitioned the legislature to annex this land from Tazewell County. Mr. McLean died the next day.

Addition of Three More Stories
In August, 1990, the second addition to the Law and Justice Center was completed adding three more stories (floors 5, 6, and 7) that made the building a seven-story facility. A new expanded direct supervision jail facility was also built which added 108 jail cells to the original 85, yielding a total inmate capacity of 193. The remaining County administrative and elected official offices in the old Courthouse were then relocated to these floors. The offices of the County Treasurer, County Clerk, County Recorder of Deeds, Supervisor of Assessments, Building and Zoning Department, Information Services, the new seventh floor; the offices of the County Auditor, McLean County States Attorney, McLean County Public Defender, the Law Library, and the Juvenile Division of McLean County Court Services are located on the sixth floor; Courtrooms 5A and 5C were located on the fifth floor. The McLean County Coroner and County Morgue, Facilities Management, Risk Management, and the offices of the McLean County Sheriff are located on the ground level floor.

Most Recent Addition
In September, 1997, the final addition to the facility was completed which added 2 more courtrooms using unfinished space on the fifth floor (Courtrooms 5B and 5D), the Jury Commission, and a new exterior mounted twin elevator addition on the north end of the facility.

Average Daily Visitors
The Law and Justice Center averages 980 visitors a day and on occasion that number has been as high as 2,300 visitors in a single day. There are over 450 County employees who work in this County-operated facility which serves the many needs of the citizens of McLean County.
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