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Circuit Clerk Document Requests (NOT for use by Government Agencies)

  1. Due to reduced staffing per the Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency, responses to document / background requests may be delayed. Requests are handled in the order received and will be processed as soon as possible.

  2. Would you like your documents certified?

  3. Who was the other party?

  4. Fees for Civil/Criminal document(s) per case number requested: $2.00 first page, $.50 per page for the next 19 pages, $.25 per page for additional pages, $6.00 per Certified/Sealed page. *

  5. To certify a judgment of any kind: $10.00 *

  6. Fees for Background check: $6.00 per year searched, and $6.00 to certify. *

  7. You will receive an email regarding the amount owed, a document identification number, and the option to pay by credit card.

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